Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goal: Work on Getting Healthier!

This year Nicole and I talked about eating healthier, and exercising more. Where not only doing this for ourselves so we can feel better, but for our kids. At my place of employment they grow a large garden every year. I took a snap shot of what I bought today for $1.75, I think it's a good deal. Some of the things we are doing is, drinking more water and eating smaller portions of food.

One of our goals was to buy a treadmill, which we did. I hauled this extra heavy machinery home and assembled it all by my darn self. I also wall mounted that little TV you see on the wall so when we walk or jog we could have entertainment in our exercise room. Anyway good luck to us we're doing out best!


  1. Y'all should sign up for this Bountiful Baskets thing. I wish they had it in our area!

  2. Nicole sometimes buys organic fruit and vegetables from a co-op down by where we live. Right now the co-op thing is spreading in Utah.