Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Family Home Evening.

Last night the family came over for "Family Home Evening". Nicole did a lesson on sharing with others. She brought a book home from her work that talked of two kids who wouldn't share a bunny they ended up ripping the ears off the pport bunny. In the end they used bandaids to put the ears back on. Here is a picture of Khloe and her cousin Kaylee coloring their bunnies so they can put bandaides on their bunnies ears. Nicole's sister proceeded to make donuts which were crazy yummi.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall is Here!!!

Yesterday we went for a little ride up Payson Canyon to see the leaves changing

Here is Justy this would have been a nice picture minus the cattle trailor.

Notice Just'y one black glove, I love my son.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rivarly Week Baby!!!

Some how this sign just appeared outside of my office this morning. It's Rivarly Week here in Utah! Utah verses that team in/from Provo yeah forgot their name, anyway it Doesn't Matter! I hope we wipe our A$$es with them. Okay that may be going a little too far... I hope we beat them hehehe.

Justy da Man!!!

Justy is in his first year of football, yesterday he started on offense and defense. Justy is also on the kickoff and punt team. His coach even put him in at running back for one series of offense.

My son may not be the biggest or fastest but he doesn't back down. When other kids come out of the game crying the coach puts Justy in cause he's a tough guy. We're so proud of you Justy keep up the good work son your doing amazing.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Talk about a bad hair day!

So Justy and I both needed to get a haircut. I had been to this place before that was relatively cheap. I thought why not use them again all is well that ends well right. We walked in the door and I noticed the girl was not the same person who cut my hair the last time I had been there. I thought oh well she works here so she must know how to cut hair. The next day justy woke up and this is how he looked, poor guy.

After work I blazed over to his school to pick him up because I felt so bad for him. We went to a different place to get his haircut fixed. Now he's a much happier little guy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anyone up for Bowling?

Hmm...which one should I pick?
Here's Khloe getting her bowl on!!!Looks like perfect form to me.

Yesterday Nicole's work had a work party at a bowling alley. As you can see Khloe was a full participant even though some of the bowling balls almost out weighed her. Justy was just asking about bowling and what do ya know. Notice how cute Khloe's little bowling shoes are hehehe.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Friday Night Lights!!!

This past Friday Nicole went to visit a dear friend in the hospital who was having complications. So I was quickly promoted to the (HBIC) Head Babysitter in Charge. Nicole had to leave ASAP so I was left also with the task of feeding my little ones. My thoughts were should I break out the recipe book and cook a 5 course meal, my next thought after thinking that was HE-Double Hockey Stick NO!!!. I made a couple of local calls, we then loaded up the van, and off I went to Papa Murphy's with my 2 little healpers to get pizza.

The pizza turned out to very tasty, but my night was ruined by my team losing to Utah State 27-20. Here is a picture of Khloe watching her iPAD while I watched the game. We bought her pom poms over the weekend so she doesn't have to use my shoes anymore to cheer. All in all it was a fairly easy night, Nicole visited her sickly friend, Khloe watch Dora the Explorer, Justy just chilled, and my Utah Utes lost grrr.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Go Utes!!!

Utah at Utah State
Tonight the U will be putting the Smack Down on USU @ 6pm

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Goal: Work on Getting Healthier!

This year Nicole and I talked about eating healthier, and exercising more. Where not only doing this for ourselves so we can feel better, but for our kids. At my place of employment they grow a large garden every year. I took a snap shot of what I bought today for $1.75, I think it's a good deal. Some of the things we are doing is, drinking more water and eating smaller portions of food.

One of our goals was to buy a treadmill, which we did. I hauled this extra heavy machinery home and assembled it all by my darn self. I also wall mounted that little TV you see on the wall so when we walk or jog we could have entertainment in our exercise room. Anyway good luck to us we're doing out best!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RNC - vs - DNC

Last week I watched some of the talks given at the RNC. This week the DNC is having their turn. I am not  registered with either party. I do like ideas from both parties. When it comes down to it I vote for who I think will do the best for our country. Growing up neither of my parents were registered Demo's or Repub's. Most people just go off what their parents do. Since neither of my parents follow politics and another reason is I don't want to pigeon hole myself in. I will continue to vote for who I think will do the best job as president.

Rockstar morning!!!

Rockstar is my choice of drink,every morning I have one. This morning though, as I was standing in line to purchase my drank. The lady in front of me says "long morning aye" and I responded "no this is just to help me get started". Then to top it off the lady behind me says "you need to be careful those aren't good for you". I'm thinking what do I have a sign on my back that say "pick on me".

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Justy and I decided to have a litte father and son day out for Labor Day. Here is Justy at "Paranorman 3D".

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pics of the my babies

Bubzy, Justy, Jewel, and Maeta
Jewel, Autumn, Maeta, and Bianca 
Maeta, Jewel, Autumn, and Bianca

First day of 5th grade

Justy on his first day of 5th grade.

The Mantis

My son Justy found a Mantis. As you can see he's not afriad to have it crawl on his face.

Summer chillin

Khloe and I enjoying a dinner on our patio.

Trying to put Khloe to bed

On Saturday I was trying to find a cord to download some pictures from my old digital camera. So I could give the camera to Justy to use. Along with the cord I needed was a spool of yarn. Well, Khloe got a hold of it while we were trying to put her to bed as you can see she can get very creative with it.