Monday, September 10, 2012

Friday Night Lights!!!

This past Friday Nicole went to visit a dear friend in the hospital who was having complications. So I was quickly promoted to the (HBIC) Head Babysitter in Charge. Nicole had to leave ASAP so I was left also with the task of feeding my little ones. My thoughts were should I break out the recipe book and cook a 5 course meal, my next thought after thinking that was HE-Double Hockey Stick NO!!!. I made a couple of local calls, we then loaded up the van, and off I went to Papa Murphy's with my 2 little healpers to get pizza.

The pizza turned out to very tasty, but my night was ruined by my team losing to Utah State 27-20. Here is a picture of Khloe watching her iPAD while I watched the game. We bought her pom poms over the weekend so she doesn't have to use my shoes anymore to cheer. All in all it was a fairly easy night, Nicole visited her sickly friend, Khloe watch Dora the Explorer, Justy just chilled, and my Utah Utes lost grrr.

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